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Smocking DVD by Martha Pullen

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Smocking with Martha Pullen

If you have ever wanted to learn to smock, then this is the DVD for you! This DVD will take you from the very basics of smocking through a variety of smocking stitches and even covers picture smocking and machine smocking. This is a must have for any sewing enthusiast who prefers visual instructions to written directions.

On this DVD you'll find:

•Preparing to Smock
•Cat and the Courthouse

Hand Smocking STITCHES
•Beginning to Stitch
•Outline, Stem and Wheat Stitch
•Cable Stitch
•Chevron Stitch, Baby Waves and One-Step Waves
•Counting the Steps
•Two-Step Waves and Three-Step Waves
•Combination Stitches, Double Waves and Diamonds
•Starting, Running Out of Floss & Starting Again
•Back Smocking

Picture Smocking or Stacking
•Decreasing Stitches
•Increasing Stitches

•Smocking with the Embroidery Machine
•Smocking in the Hoop
•More Smocking Samples