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Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Martha Pullen

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Mastering the basics of heirloom sewing will be clear and easy as you learn how to use the sewing machine to combine laces with entredeux and fabric, how to select and apply specialty stitches that add an heirloom finish, and how to take flat fabric to enticing levels of three-dimensional artistry. You’ll feel like a master designer as you create your own classic Heirloom Party Dress.

Heirloom Techniques:

Lace to Lace, Lace to Fabric, Lace to Entredeux, Gathered Lace to Entredeux, Entredeux to Flat Fabric, Entredeux to Gathered Fabric, Top Stitch
Hemstitching: Wing Needlework Pinstitch, Entredeux Stitch
Specialty Techniques: Puffing, Double Needle Pintucks