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Multi-size Wrap Skirt

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This wrap skirt is a favorite, especially for our moms! The waist band is adjustable, so you can put it on the size that fits you the best, and if your waist line changes a little, either due to loosing weight, being with child, or from after having a little one, then you can simply change the size of the waist band by moving the buttons to the correct size!  All without having to buy another skirt! This skirt is made of 100% cotton twill or denim, and comes in two size ranges.  I believe that this skirt will become a favorite to yours!  Do away with buying multi-sizes skirts or having to worry about not fitting in your skirts due to a pregnancy or after the baby is born!  Now you can jump right back into those comfty skirts right away!

Size S-M has an adjustable waistline and fits a 26"-34" waist.

Size M-L has an adustable waistline and fits a 32"-40" waist.

*** If you don't see the Size that you need listed PLEASE email us for details on having us create a skirt to fit you.   

PLEASE NOTE: This item will be created just for you so please allow 3-4 weeks for it to be shipped to you.