Modest Swimsuits


  I am so excited about being able to offer these beautiful, Modest Swimsuits! I know so many of you have been anxiously awaiting these, but before I could honestly offer them to you, I knew I had to put them to the real make sure that they would indeed be modest. This swimsuit is a 2 piece swimsuit.  It comes with a swimdress and a pair of leggings made out of 4-way spandex. The skirt is long enough to be modest, yet short enough that it is light and easy to swim in.


This suit does not  have built in underpants or bra so you'll need to wear your own, which some people find more comfortable, since they prefer cotton undergarments..  


Note: I have never tried making a swimsuit in solid spandex (the top and skirt), so I can not tell you whether or not this would be modest. The floral designs blends everything together which makes it more modest. Having one made from solid could very well show more, and thus we are not responsible for this. 

2 Piece Modest Swimsuit

A 2 piece Modest Swimsuit, that is a dress style with leggings underneath.   The dress be made with snaps at the hemline which when snapped, can help reduce the "floating" up of the skirt while in the water.